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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Why attend Marketing and Advertising Expo USA

The Marketing & Advertising Expo is California’s leading event for B2C marketing professionals to discover the latest tools, ideas and technologies to propel them to the top of their industries. This show offers you the chance to meet leading exhibitors, network with thousands of professionals and attend keynote seminars brought to you by some of the industry’s most renowned names! Having enabled thousands of marketing & advertising teams from across the globe to optimize their performance and, ultimately, their ROI, The Marketing & Advertising Expo is one of California’s leading B2C marketing events! Why? Because we will provide you with the following...

Why attend exhibitors Marketing and Advertising Expo USA

Over 350 incredible speakers reveal the strategies, solutions & ideas that are transforming the industry

The Marketing & Advertising Expo gives you access to the same level of knowledge that other sales conventions charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their visitors to see. The key difference is, our show is absolutely free to attend. Separate yourself from your competitors by taking advantage of the expertise of real industry revolutionaries LIVE!

Hear from industry leading marketing professionals

Gain a wealth of experience, learning the tips and strategies from industry-leading marketers, helping you to improve your success and revamp your B2C marketing strategies.

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Why attend masterclasses Marketing and Advertising Expo USA

One of the only events with free masterclasses- free education on the most cutting-edge technologies and techniques!

Take advantage of hands-on demos and lessons from businesses and agencies that have already ascended to the forefront of the advertising & marketing industry. By taking advantage of these 1 on 1 masterclasses, you can feel confident that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring you understand exactly how the latest technology or technology really works- no question will be left un-answered.

Immerse yourself in the tools and ideas shaping the future of marketing & advertising!

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