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William Liani: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

William Liani

Head of API – Business Development and Partnership - Depositphotos Inc.

8 Trends Shaping Creative Communication in 2022

The theme covers the main trends that will shape creative communication in the near future. Attendees will gain insightful knowledge about visuals and music that will be in demand, as well as ideas, aesthetics, and movements that will prevail in the creative industry in 2022. Topics covered include trends in photography, website design, graphic design, advertising, and more.
A way to find inspiration for future projects.

About William Liani

An experienced Business Development, Strategic Partnership Director, William has worked across multiple markets in both large and small companies. As Head of API – Business Development and Strategic Partnership at Depositphotos and VistaCreate (former Crello), William focuses his attention on the Business trends where creative communication, visuals, photography, technology, etc. can and will produce a positive effect in long terms partnerships. Previously, William worked as an API Business Development Manager for Fotolia and was Founder/Investor/Marketing/Business Development Manager in different startups from various markets. Truly believer in the “business friendship” concept where the relationships are the pillars of a long-lasting partnerships between companies. William is also a proud father of one daughter (and 2 female cats), an ice hockey player, an ambassador of WeTheItalians platform which promotes Italy (in US) and a believer in sharing the beauty of Italy and the Italian food recipes all over the world.