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Vikas Bhatt: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Vikas Bhatt

Chief Revenue Officer - Only B2B

When Data Goes Rogue, The U.S. Companies Lose $3 Trillions Annually

Your sales & marketing team has discovered hot leads, Now, it is only a matter of contacting your POC. Easy?

Only if you have an accurate database. Else you would end up wasting time & money on poor data.

In the U.S., companies lose $3 trillion annually because of obsolete data.

So, it’s mandatory for every business to clean the database. Let’s know more about it.

About Vikas Bhatt

You got a dream, you gotta protect it. You want something, go get it.” these lines from the film “Pursuit of happiness” triggered my mind and here I am!

Hi! I am Vikas Bhatt, CRO and Co-founder of Only B2B a premium lead generation company. It’s been stellar six years of Only B2B where my team went extra miles to grow the company to its current position.

I started my career as a customer service representative and now I am standing in front of you as an entrepreneur and still many more milestones to achieve.
In my professional career of more than 12 years, I mastered the ART of Revenue generation.

In my whole journey, I learned many things but the most important is “It matter''s not how many times you fall, but the will to rise again any time you fall, to keep pushing forward.”