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Tim Barrie: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Tim Barrie

Virtual Assistants from The Philippines – How to Get Better Results

What types of jobs can I hire a virtual assistant for and what do they do well? How to manage virtual assistants and get better results. What do virtual assistant cost? Mistakes people make when hiring virtual assistants. How to solve the California 1099 contractor vs. employee status issues with or without virtual assistants. When to hire an American instead of a virtual assistant.

About Tim Barrie

I provide game-changing services for small and micro businesses, these include Virtual Assistant Staffing services
(Smart VA Staffing Agency); top-notch digital marketing services (Holistic Web Presence); and a life-changing
website building solution (Website Through A Form).
Part of my job at Intel Corporation in Europe was to aid other companies (Intel dealers and partners) to be
successful. As time went on, I discovered many secrets for accelerating the growth ramp of small businesses. I directed the North American sales and marketing efforts for LANDesk Software which, over a four-year period, went from $30m to $400m in annual revenues.
Other notable career successes include running sales operations throughout USA and Europe, driving big ticket sales operations both at direct end-user, corporate, and technology distribution levels. My mission today is to provide intelligence and services that help small and micro business owners experience a
dramatic improvement in the success of their businesses.