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Thad Kahlow: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Thad Kahlow


Advanced ABM Provides Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence During A Recession

B2B marketers are facing internal and external challenges with a recession building. We are all looking for ways to weather the storm and come out stronger. Account-based markeing has proven to be a successful stragegy for marketrs willing to change their mindsets and organizations open to innovation. As a leader in ABM, BOL has moved beyond standard ABM practices, advancing ABM to align with all aspects of marketing for clarity, consistency, and confidence.

About Thad Kahlow

Thad Kahlow is the CEO of BOL and is considered an authority in B2B marketing. His visionary leadership style has helped propel the company into the online marketing spotlight, making BOL one of the nation’s leading B2B digital marketing and Account-Based Marketing agencies. His philosophy fosters a focus on the alignment of business goals and user needs so that clients can make business decisions guided by data that truly matters. Thad Kahlow is a digital marketing expert, with more than 20 years of experience, who maintains fresh and forward-thinking insights into winning strategies that skillfully align business goals and solutions.