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Shlomo Friedman: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Shlomo Friedman

The huge risk of neglecting – and not really understanding – LinkedIn

For marketers, LinkedIn is often the redheaded stepchild of social media platforms, treated as an afterthought or short-changed with ineffective automated tools. Those who grasp the power of LinkedIn to support high-ticket B2B sales – and understand the one critical element to success on the platform – achieve big things for their employers/clients: highly-engaged audiences, strategic networks, real relationships, and industry leadership… all of which directly translate into increased profits.

About Shlomo Friedman

Shlomo Friedman is a partner at Imperial Real Estate, a leading real estate brokerage headquartered in New Jersey. A former social media skeptic, he joined Fluex Media as a partner after building a consistent, strategic, and authentic LinkedIn presence transformed his business: his agency started to attract more quality salespeople, and the retention rate increased tremendously. Shlomo is a master networker, connector, and salesperson, and realized that any company that invests in maintaining the human touch in a digital world will come out far ahead of their competitors. LinkedIn – when leveraged correctly – is a powerful tool to do this at scale. Shlomo is also a much sought-after speaker at popular events and seminars, presenting on the topics of sales and company culture. His contagious energy, clarity, and visionary approach leave every person in the audience inspired and empowered to achieve their goals.