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Sara Marcum: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Sara Marcum

Partner - Iris Marketing Solutions

AI Will Destroy Your Brand's Marketing If You Let It

Although the idea of AI in marketing sounds like a cheap and easy solution, the impact it has on your brand may be devastating. There is something to be appreciated about the ability of "human touch" in regard to your brand's marketing. Can you really assign a value to human emotion? Is the amount you could save with AI worth destroying the future of your brand?

About Sara Marcum

Sara Marcum is a partner and team member with Iris Marketing Solutions - a full-service agency committed to taking brands to the next level. Her background in writing, design, and marketing - coupled with a desire to research and expand her skills - has allowed her to help numerous companies expand and connect their brands. Paying close attention to detail, Sara has been able to give the clients of Iris Marketing Solutions an advantage in their respective industries. The future of marketing requires a unique and personalized touch, which can be found with Iris Marketing Solutions.