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Ryan Smith: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Ryan Smith

2023: The Year Video Streaming and OTT Advertising Takes Over

In 2023, OTT, CTV and YouTube are revolutionizing the way brands can reach their target audience. Programmatic video advertising has made it easier to reach target audiences with precision while building brand awareness and generating leads at a lower cost. I’ll show you what common traps to avoid and reach your customers more efficiently and lower your CPA.

About Ryan Smith

I’ve had a passion for digital marketing over the last 17 years and have a Masters Degree in International Marketing Management from Boston University. I’ve worked in the agency world, public sector, taught at Kansas State University, and private companies both domestically and internationally. Eduation and trainimg are at the heart of what I do both internally for New Road Advertising and externally for marketing professionals around the world.