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Ramin Heydari: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Ramin Heydari

CEO - XYZies

5G, IOT and AI. New Technologies, New Opportunities

How 5G, IoT, and AI will affect our daily lives and how people will interact with each other on a daily basis.

About Ramin Heydari

Ramin Heydari is CEO of XYZies. He believes success in business is in details. The big blocks are usually obvious, but it is the “Zies” or the details that can make or break a business. His mission at XYZies is to help businesses grow by streamlining their sales and marketing process and by providing the technological tools to grow sales and empower sales teams. The company’s app empowers salespeople with knowledge and incentives on-demand and makes business available to anyone and everyone with a desire to sell anywhere, opening up possibilities for a better life while creating more business for suppliers and vendors who are contributing to a responsible society.