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Omar Karim: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Omar Karim

Founder & CEO - MAB

Dirty Little Secrets Other Agency Owners Don’t Want Me Sharing

Get the most out of your agency. Build and leverage your relationship with your agency team and make sure the "good" agency you hired becomes the "great" agency fighting in your corner. Get more than you bargained for and influence the result of their performance. Your agency has a wealth of knowledge to share. Learn to tap into that expert resource for your own benefit.

About Omar Karim

Over the past 16 years, MAB digital marketing and its founder Omar Karim, has shape-shifted with opportunity, proving a diversity in skillset and a natural business sense. Starting as a lead aggregation platform in the early 2000s, MAB has since morphed into a retail agency offering digital marketing with specialties in search, development, social and brand. Along the way, MAB found success as an agency focused on real estate marketing until the market crash in 2008 caused Omar to switch gears and become a partner in a Fintech startup that was sold to a publicly-traded bank in 2013. Omar and the MAB team now bring this breadth of experience to their clients that range in industries from medical and wellness to fitness and e-commerce.