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Nicolai Klausen: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Nicolai Klausen

Founder - Bazoom Group

This is the way to manage your off-page SEO in 2023

The keys to succeed with your SEO strategy, Sustainable link building including focus on diversity and quality. This is to help you create a long term SEO profile, that will help you gain the top rankings on the SERP.

About Nicolai Klausen

I am the founder of Bazoom Group, where we have created a platform to help you grow your off-page SEO profile both with a big network of media suppliers and to help SEO managers with all the hassle involved in building, executing and monitoring an off page strategy.
I founded the company as a marketing agency but as a result of the demand from clients on their off-page and all the hassle involved in this, we pivoted the company to create that SEO platform, to support all the work around link building.