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Neel Mehta: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Neel Mehta

Biggest Challenges or Data Privacy

Common everyday human errors can significantly affect your data privacy and protection. Many security analysts claim that human error is the biggest challenge in data privacy and security. Ill-informed and unaware employees can use weak passwords, mistakenly delete data, fall for phishing scams, have privileged account access, and browse websites not under acceptable use. It’s up to your team of security experts to create a security awareness and training program that helps empower your employees and reduce the risk. Data loss prevention tools can also help you prevent end users from leaking sensitive data, either maliciously or by mistake.

About Neel Mehta

Neel Mehta is a product manager at Google and helped launch the newest line of AMD-powered Chromebooks for consumers and enterprises. He previously helped launch Microsoft Office''''s Planner and worked at Khan Academy and the US Census Bureau. He has co-authored three #1 bestsellers: Swipe to Unlock, Bubble or Revolution, and Product Management''''s Sacred Seven. Neel earned his AB in Computer Science from Harvard.