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Monica Aguilar-Zavoznik: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Monica Aguilar-Zavoznik

CEO / Owner - VIPicnic-nic LLC by Hexperience

Develop impactful Strategies to efficiently build Brand credibility and loyalty

Is your company on track to build strategies to reach new customers and engage with current customer base authentically? Learn how to align your audience with your message hierarchy to ensure your strategy supports brand identity and build loyalty. Explore how can your company strengthen loyalty through personalized experiences and build a strong and inclusive brand in the process to achieve greater customer engagement.

About Monica Aguilar-Zavoznik

Monica is originally from Mexico City, studied in southern US and now enjoying NJ/NY area, but always a Global citizen with high curiosity for trends and opportunities worldwide. After +25 years of multi-billion corporate marketing experience in different countries, Monica has developed an in-depth understanding of customer journeys and Launch Readiness/Excellence. She is a Global Brand Builder with Design Thinking certificate from IDEO and MBA from Tulane University, which together has proven her success in a number of product launches for Power Brands in several countries and different industries, focused on Brand building and loyalty for B2C and B2B companies. Monica can help companies improve their results by developing strategies to develop new customers, find new market niches, or improve current customers’ experience throughout their integrated journeys.