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Mark Irvine: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Mark Irvine

Director of PPC - SearchLab Digital

5 Tricks for Writing Google Ads that Outperform your Competition

Writing a PPC ad is easy - with 300 characters, you might only take a minute to do it before you send it across the SERP. And most advertisers unfortunately complete that process in a minute. In this seminar, you’ll learn how tricks to write ads that stick out from the other bland ads on the SERP by personalizing your ads for your audience, their devices, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

About Mark Irvine

Mark’s decade of PPC experience has included analysing data and spotting trends within over 30,000 Google, Bing, and Facebook ad accounts and managing the PPC Team at SearchLab Digital. He regularly presents his research on trends in the PPC industry on webinars and at conferences around the world and his work has also been featured on outlets such as The Washington Post, MSNBC, BBC and CNN. In 2019, Mark was named the Most Influential PPC Expert in the world by both PPC Hero and Microsoft.