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Kristina Centnere: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Kristina Centnere

Founder & Lead Strategist - SocialCow

Neuromarketing: How to Sell the Brain

Neuromarketing helps eliminate expensive guesswork and maximize advertising spend by going straight to the source – the brain. By uncovering how customers think and what drives them to buy, brands can build campaigns based on facts, not assumptions.
Explore how brands are using neuroscience to understand their customers, maximize marketing results, and even change their trajectory.

About Kristina Centnere

Kristina Centnere started her career as a freelance copywriter almost ten years ago, when she was asked if she knew anything about this new concept called “social media”. A natural problem-solver, Kristina learned everything there was to know about it and grew her marketing firm as one of the first in New York to offer social media management services.
Over the last decade, Kristina has grown SocialCow into a full-service digital marketing firm, serving clients locally and nationwide. As the founder and lead strategist, Kristina focuses on building the big picture for clients, including implementing neuroscience analytics to help clients understand their customers’ relationship with their services or products, as well as to test out marketing concepts.
Owner of several other businesses, Kristina brings each client the benefit of entrepreneurial expertise and innovation.