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Ken Leslie: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Ken Leslie

President - IMAGEN

Make Advertising Tangible and Engaging in Everyday Life with Promo

Elevate your brand by effective use of promo! Well-crafted branded merch makes your advertising tangible and gets your brand into the daily lives of your audience, generating brand impressions over the course of months and years. Learn how deepen your brand’s relationship with customers and prospects through promotional campaigns by pairing the right products, with the right design, and the right experience!

About Ken Leslie

Ken is the President of IMAGEN, a promotional marketing agency that focuses on Tangible Engagement(TM) Marketing: SWAG that connects your brand to your audiences. Ken spent several years in radio promotion, as well as doing design for print, web, and trade shows. Combining his experience with that of his business partners, he helped start IMAGEN in 2009 with the goal of elevating the promo experience through great design and exceptional customer service.