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Don Batsford: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Don Batsford

Who is missing from your marketing team? - Google

Build A Future Proof Marketing Team

What skills do you need to bring onboard and develop to be more successful? How do you future proof your organisation in the world of modern marketing? In a world where machine learning is the driving element for growth, building a team with smart humans is the secret acceleration element. Dive into how marketers can be creative, inventive, and empathetic in users' often non-linear, even quirky, flow to decision-making.

About Don Batsford

Don Batsford, Jr. is Head of Industry at Google, leading a team of Digital Marketing Experts, Data Analysts, & Media Specialists that partner with the CMOs of the largest advertisers to grow their businesses. Working across a broad range of products including: search, video, display, native, and mobile to help companies connect seamlessly with their audiences. A driving player in the transformation occurring as marketing is increasingly powered by machine learning and empathic to people.