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Jason Ryser: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Jason Ryser

- Revity Marketing Agency

Story and Entertainment: Timeless Marketing Strategies

The digital age has shifted the channels and platforms available for marketers. New platforms have emerged, promising increased levels of connection and success. The rapid nature of these changes has blinded some to the timeless principles and foundation of marketing: entertainment and storytelling. Terms of service, data tracking, and entire platforms themselves evolve and even vanish. The way we connect with people remains the same.

About Jason Ryser

Jason Ryser has spent 15 years in the marketing industry. He got his start in sales for a Search Engine Optimization focused agency. In 2015 he joined a new agency as a partner with the mission of solving clients'' marketing challenges by helping them connect more directly with their customers through entertainment and storytelling. Jason has now worked with thousands of businesses at all stages of business growth and helped them take the next steps in their growth and progression. In his 15 years in marketing, Jason has seen many platforms, channels, and fads come and go. His expertise is in helping clients cut through the noise and focus on strategies that are timeless, long lasting, and create winning results.