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Hayley McNitt: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Hayley McNitt

Field Marketing Manager - FormAssembly

The Art of the Pivot: How My Event-Focused Team Rebuilt our Marketing Strategy to Fuel 62% Growth in a Pandemic

We all know the only constant in the B2B marketing world is change. When the world of in-person events crashed down and the business world was in disarray due to COVID, my team looked to a variety of other unconventional resources to help increase our organization’s pipeline and overall grow our revenue 62% in the midst of the pandemic. In this session, we’ll dive into the art of the pivot and how to use unexpected challenges to your advantage.

About Hayley McNitt

Hayley McNitt is the Field Marketing Manager at FormAssembly, a B2B SaaS organization. With a diverse background in events, Hayley brings unique knowledge to the B2B marketing space as she finds new ways to catch the eye of the consumer. Hayley brings expertise in pivoting your marketing strategy to meet high-stake goals, growing a team of field marketers from the bottom up, and balancing the dynamic world of B2B marketing.