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Favian Ortega: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Favian Ortega

Owner - CS Consulting Professionals

Why using personalization & empathy is important when Marketing

Connecting with your customers is vital when growing your businesses. Empathy-based marketing involves seeing through the eyes of your customers. To be truly customer-centric, marketers must gain a deep understanding of who their customers are, the challenges they're facing, and what motivates them to act. Provide them with content, advice, educational resources, and tools to directly address their situation.

About Favian Ortega

Favian Ortega is a Leadership Coach who specializes in Customer Service, Marketing, & Sales. Favian believes that building connection through personalization, empathy, and leadership are essential when growing a business. In addition to coaching, he gives motivational speeches that inspires people to pursue their passion while overcoming fear. Favian holds a degree in Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship.