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Darcy Neighbors: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Darcy Neighbors

CEO & Founder - CIM Marketing Partners

Brand is Everything

A company’s brand encompasses so many facets, each important to defining a company’s overall brand. From the logo and tagline to the brand promise, to the experience that clients have interacting with your team, brand is everything. In this presentation, Darcy Neighbors covers the A to Z of recognizing what makes up your brand and how to protect and evolve your brand for significant growth and success.

About Darcy Neighbors

As the client mix evolved to larger and larger firms throughout the country, Darcy established CIM Marketing Partners to position herself and her team to concentrate on high-level, strategic marketing consulting services. CIM Marketing Partners focuses on a targeted variety of clients, law firms, and financial institutions, to the largest funeral homes in the country, paving companies, and product companies. Neighbors shares her unique marketing expertise as a speaker at various national meetings and conferences. In addition, Darcy co-authored a book—Marketing Fusion: 7 Elements to Ignite Your Growth—to inspire readers to develop a true strategic marketing vision.