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Dacia Coffey: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Dacia Coffey

What to do When Marketing and Sales Disagree

It’s incredibly hard to be a modern B2B marketer right now. Algorithms are changing, the tech stack is expanding, everything is a “priority”, and the to-do list is out of control.
To make things worse, while you are fighting to win the marketplace war, Sales can seem hell-bent on laying siege to your strategic plans. 

About Dacia Coffey

Dacia is a sales and marketing strategist who has orchestrated over 100 organizational transformations during her 20-year career. She has also served as a professional speaker for 10 years.

Called to help others, she writes and speaks on how to maximize influence. Her mission is to teach people how to use their work to bless the world and unleash their own calling and potential. Her vision is to help create a business world full of meaning, prosperity and connection for all.

With a high-energy style, Dacia draws from her experience as a top-tier sales professional, copywriter and three-time business owner. Her approach and insights are practical, actionable and proven to give both audiences and marketing clients alike the tools they need to catalyze change and growth.