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Chris Belli: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Chris Belli

Why Your Brand Experience Probably Sucks - and how to fix it.

Your brand experience probably sucks right now, but good news, you can fix it. Today, more than ever, customers want to find themselves in your brand story, in your products, and throughout your website. They expect their needs and desires to be met instantly and consistently, anywhere, anytime. Companies who can innately understand the world of their customer, adapt to their needs, and design specifically for their benefit can gain a competitive advantage that wins hearts and business.

About Chris Belli

Chris Belli oversees the strategic marketing of Studio Science, focusing on advancing Studio Science’s brand vision, establishing meaningful partnerships, and helping clients to deliver experiences that exceed their customers'' expectations. Chris'' company Studio Science is a design and innovation agency that works with some of the most recognizable organizations in the USA including Simon Malls, Salesforce, JP Morgan Chase as well as many others, designing brands, digital products, and services. Prior to relocating from Australia in 2016, Chris spent 15 years in executive leadership roles within the entertainment industry in Australia.