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Amber Fossenier and Derrick Swanson: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Amber Fossenier and Derrick Swanson

The First Party Data Revolution: 3 Tactics for ROI Survival

You know retargeting, conversion attribution, and machine learning as we know it are slowly being phased out and are becoming less effective. We have three tactics that you can apply to any budget and at every skill level, that’ll get you on the right side of this data revolution!

Early adopters of upcycling in-platform custom audiences, first-party data integration, and server-side tracking will be the winners of the next evolution in digital marketing. We have the winning playbook and are happy to share our strategies and bonus material that is getting results right now!

We want you and every digital marketer here to leave this event feeling comfortable leaning away from third-party cookies and habitually dumping high advertising budgets into walled gardens and ad platforms without a strong ROI. Let the revolution start today!

Join us, and let’s talk about real solutions for ROI survival and long-term retargeting infrastructure!

About Amber Fossenier and Derrick Swanson

Derrick Swanson - Owner and President, OpenSail Digital Marketing Agency
Amber Fossenier - VP and Meta Marketing Specialist

Derrick and Amber have a combined 17 years of experience navigating the ever-changing and turbulent waters of Digital Marketing. Together they have built a Digital Marketing Agency that supplements their clients'' current marketing teams with every digital marketing expertise needed. Specializing in performance marketing for lead generation and e-commerce, they have kept innovation at the forefront of the agency. What does that look like to them? Staying ahead of the curve and the digital storms like IOS 14, the Meta Black Friday Crash of 2018, 19 and 20, and the upcoming Cookie Apocalypse, you name it, they have overcome it, all while maintaining their clients’ performance and results!

Get their agency’s cheat sheet to maintain ROAS, ROI, and their clients’ lofty growth goals across dozens of industries!

They are excited to help businesses and marketers like you ensure your Digital Marketing investments have a strong and long-lasting ROI. They want to see fellow marketers build up and invest in first-party and zero-party remarketing infrastructures they own and control, putting the power and data back in the hands of brands and marketers!