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Alex Leybovich: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Alex Leybovich

CEO - Auden Digital

7 High-ROI marketing automations you’re probably missing

79% of CMOs at top-performing companies indicate that increasing revenue is their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation, while 76% indicate increased quality of leads but despite this 64% of B2B companies are not using or underutilizing marketing automation leading to billions of dollars in sales being left on the table each year. You''ll learn seven automation techniques used by Fortune 500 companies that you can implement today.

About Alex Leybovich

Alex is the CEO of Auden Digital, an inbound marketing agency dedicated to automation and business growth. At Auden Digital, they take an AGILE approach to marketing, allowing the experts to work on the highest ROI tasks at any given time. Alex is a serial entrepreneur and enterprise digital strategist, helping global companies launch highly-performant digital marketing platforms. As an ADDY Award-winning developer with over 15 years of experience including custom solutions for enterprise and government applications, he designs easy-to-use digital applications for marketing growth, while answering difficult marketing problems with creative technical solutions that are easy to use for both the end-user and the client.