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Alex Levin: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Alex Levin

CEO - Regal Voice

New B2C Growth Channels

Companies spend $450B on online ads, yet 95% is wasted on poor conversion. While brands are focused on on-site conversion and email marketing, there are new channels that have become more programmatic recently: SMS (Attentive), direct mail (Lob), and phone sales (Regal Voice). They are innovating on channels long overlooked by applying performance marketing tech: schema-less DB, real-time, personalization, attribution, etc. The old is new again, and performing 3x-10x better than email.

About Alex Levin

Alex Levin is Co-Founder and CEO of Regal Voice. Prior to Regal Voice, Alex let growth at Handy (after joining as an early employee) and at ANGI post-acquisition.
Prior to that Alex was a product manager at Personal and Thomson Reuters. Alex grew up in New York and received his BA from Harvard.