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Adam Weber: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Adam Weber

Vice President of Strategy - VEA Technologies

Bulletproof Ad Strategies for The Future

As platform dissemination increases, your digital advertising will continue to cost you more to maintain your same performance with digital marketing. The future of brand, adding value, and storytelling are more critical than ever.

About Adam Weber

At VEA technologies, Adam acts as the Vice President of Strategy and oversees all strategic decisions across digital advertising departments. He has over 10 years expertise in digital storytelling and marketing and has won numerous industry awards for his past work.

He is most passionate about educating young creatives and marketing professionals on the many tips and tricks he has learned from direct experiences in digital advertising and SEO.

Adam has directly managed successful campaigns for over 400+ businesses since 2013 and always looks forward to solving the next digital marketing problem that confronts him.