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Safwan Chowdhury: Speaking at the Marketing & Advertising Expo

Safwan Chowdhury

VP of Sales - Online Marketing Gurus

The SEO & Content Game-Changers to Grow Your Rankings

Wondering how to set up your business for success in the coming year? It all starts with leveraging the overlooked, seriously-profitable strategies in SEO. Based on insights from 1000+ winning campaigns, this session will cover the implementation of impactful SEO tactics that help further brand awareness, consumer engagement and outshine the competition. Learn how to adapt your search strategy for industry changes, pinpoint the most profitable SEO strategies and find the ‘quick wins’ to proven SEO tactics.

About Safwan Chowdhury

Saf is the VP of Sales at OMG and an experienced digital marketing strategist who has crafted hundreds of enterprise organic/paid search and social campaigns for multinational brands that have driven millions of dollars in incremental revenue growth. He has built over 1200+ strategies including enterprise strategies for brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, UOB Bank and Vodafone.