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Outsource Global Inc.: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Outsource Global Inc.

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We are Africa’s leading business and knowledge process outsourcing company, serving clients in the US, UK, Japan & Africa. We are the first ISO certified contact center in Africa, providing first-class contact center services from our ultramodern facilities in West Africa. Our services are tailored to perfectly suit our clients’ needs and preferences, with a focus on service quality, low-cost and scalable solutions.

We help our clients become operationally efficient and competitive. We have created over 1000 direct graduate jobs for customer care professionals, sales, marketing, tech, legal & financial practitioners, medical professionals and back-office support serving the global market. Outsource Global and its affiliated companies seek to positively impact the world of business, by fostering exponential growth. We are big on empowering women, by helping them develop the skills, knowledge and financial status necessary to elevate their standard of living. We also focus on recruiting economically and physically challenged individuals, bringing them into a competitive, career-focused workforce.

At Outsource Global we empower companies, seeking to grow their sales, customer service, and back-office teams. We provide remote talents that are trained to execute your bespoke processes. We have made it our business to recruit, train and manage the very best talent in the world. We are based in Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa with some of the best sales, customer services, software and back-office talent in the world. Our team members come from humble backgrounds, achieving and often exceeding on par performance with top talent across the world. 

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