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April 6 & 7 2022

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ConnectLeader helps sales representatives, SDRs, and BDRs have more conversations and automate repetitive tasks like scheduling emails, dialing, navigating phone systems, and entering information into a CRM every day with our sales cadence software (TruCadence) and our sales dialing technology (including Team Dialer).

Our sales acceleration platform helps you reach out to your most qualified leads at the right time and through the right channels, including phone, email, video, text, and social touches.

We revolutionized the industry with our all-in-one suite of sales engagement tools (sales cadence AND a power dialer) that integrates with all leading CRMs to help you simplify your sales stack and save time.

With TruCadence, you can engage your prospects systematically across multiple channels and increase velocity at the top of funnel while implementing your strategy at scale.

For sales dialers, one size does not fit all. Our platform offers multiple dialers:

Click Dialer – 30% faster than manual dialing
Personal Dialer – Improve lead generation by dialing one record at a time
Team Dialer – human agent-assisted dialing to make 100-125 dials per hour and have 7 to 10 conversations per hour

Give your sales team what they need to consistently exceed their quota: an integrated, all-in-one suite of tools that puts you in front of your top accounts.

Tel: 603-386-0302

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