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 CIM Marketing Partners: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

CIM Marketing Partners

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CIM Marketing Partners was founded in 1996 as a full-service strategic marketing agency that operates completely differently than a typical “agency.” We lead with strategy. The CIM team dives deep to understand a client’s business goals and current situation, its competitive landscape and past and existing marketing efforts BEFORE right-fit marketing tactics are considered and implemented. Now in our 25th year, we work with a range of clients across the country.

While professional services firms have composed the majority of our clients, we recognize that our strategic approach to marketing applies to companies in any industry. From law firms and financial institutions, to the largest funeral homes in the country and paving companies and product companies, we help businesses reach other businesses and customers to help them effectively “capture their market.” We guide with the principle that brand is everything, and we assist companies in establishing their brand effectively to reach the right target audiences.

CIM provides a full range of services with its in-house team: Strategic planning and budgeting, digital/online, graphic design, media services, social media, public relations, etc. Based on a client’s needs, CIM can augment a client’s own marketing capabilities or serve as its outsourced marketing department, creating strategic marketing plans and operationalizing all tactics in order to propel a business to meet and exceed its goals.

CIM Marketing Partners brings together the most experienced professionals and resources to serve each client’s unique needs. Clients benefit from the diverse expertise of team members with decades of cumulative experience. All work together to provide solutions for results-driven strategic marketing programs. The strategic focus is always on reaching business goals through targeted, right-fit marketing tactics that build revenue and overall company value.

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